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I think that I always was interested in hidden side of things, in the words that were not said, in the other, dark side of human personality. The “real”, material issue of visible world is far less attractive to me, though I`m fascinating by its harmony.

I can say that my art is about Man as a part of the Universe, about his connection and relationships with different aspects of reality. Actually I`d like people to become perceptive to the whole surrounding world as they used to be in the past, then technology was not established as a new religion.

But as an artist of visual arts I`m very sensitive to the beauty and power of our world. I`m yearning to express the overall fierce harmony – of colors, movement, bodies. This is my visual language that I combine with abstract elements and structures. Actually, I try to find and compose the lost parts and to create some kind of “divine” pictures like icons, to make people think about spiritual part of themselves. I don`t believe in destructive art.

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